The innovative Infratop ceiling system is a practical and hassle-free way of giving ceilings and roofs an aesthetic finish. The panels are maintenance-free, waterproof, and keep insects out. The profiles have a click system for quick and easy installation and are perforated to guarantee proper ventilation. The Infratop panels can be fitted with a large number of lighting points. VOX offers 2 colour collections – Unicolor and Nature. Infratop can be used to finish roofs, terraces, and balconies as well as in interiors, on ceilings.

Soffit board

The Infratop ceiling made of PVC boards is a practical means for finishing roofs. It shall also fit well as a ceiling lining for carports, gazebos and terraces. The boards are easy to install, durable and maintenance-free, saving your time and money. They are a modern alternative to metal or wooden ceiling and do not over burden the roof structure. Thanks to the elegant finish, they increase the aesthetic value of the house. The Infratop system ensures proper ventilation of the building and enables lighting systems to be installed.

The soffit board of PVC – the aesthetic finish of your roof

A well-thought-out range of colours is an unquestionable advantage of the PVC ceiling lining. We have on our offer a false ceiling of the Unicolor collection (white, brown or graphite) and a soffit of the Nature collection in several popular wood shades (walnut, golden oak and Winchester oak). The Infratop ceiling lining shall blend in perfectly with the most commonly used components of window and door joinery.

The semi-matt surface and subtle vein pattern on the boards from the Nature collection make the product look like a wooden ceiling desing. The white soffit of the Unicolor collection, shall fit perfectly with the bright facade and white window frames. Choosing Infratop, we get an elegant finish while maintaining high functionality.

Properties of the Infratop false ceiling design

The PVC ceiling is valued for its practical properties. The false ceilings are remarkable for high durability - they shall withstand changing weather conditions, such as rain, snow, wind or sun very well. They feature resistance to mechanical impact and biological corrosion caused by algae, fungi and bacteria. Unlike natural wood, the Infratop ceiling lining , does not require periodic maintenance. They are also light, which facilitates self-assembly and does not over burden the roof structure.

Finishing the roof with a false ceiling enables you hiding system components, for example wiring. It shall also help you to get the extended durability of rafters and other structural components of the roof. You may also choose to install the exterior ceiling lighting system, so as to give the household members sense of security, illuminate the terrace, and emphasize the beauty of the facade and the immediate surroundings of the building.

Thanks to the use of the click system and the appropriate stiffness the boards are maintaining, the ceiling installation is very simple. For assembly details, simply refer to the manual and tutorial videos. They provide the recommended fastening technique step by step.

The ventilated PVC false ceiling desing - why is it worth choosing?

The VOX brand offer includes three types of a false ceiling, i.e.: without ventilation, with perforation visible on the board and with hidden perforation. To ensure adequate air circulation within the roof structure, the perforated false ceilings are worth choosing. They are also shaped so as to prevent insects from getting to the structural components of the roof. The soffit is an effective barrier that wasps, bees and hornets shall not be able to overcome.

One may choose a specific solution according to their individual aesthetic preferences. When the ceiling lining with visible perforation has been chosen, we gain an interesting structure diversification - the boards with perforation are installed in combination with components without holes. Concealed ventilation, on the other hand, means using only one type of the boards. Airflow holes are integrated into the structure of the false ceilings and do not affect external look thereof.

Infratop as a ceiling lining – also indoors

Infratop can be used not only as a roof or terrace finish, but also as an innovative ceiling system inside houses. PVC boards are light, durable and resistant to moisture. They are lead-free and do not require maintenance. In such a ceiling lining you can easily install a lighting system.

Infratop is an economical alternative to wooden ceilings. The boards from the Nature collection shall be perfect as a ceiling finish in the living room, dining room, bedroom or bathroom. Carefully selected colours and vein pattern resemble natural wood and contribute to the elegant style of the interior.

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