Graphite SV-09/08/07

Graphite SV-09/08/07

product features


The innovative Infratop VOX ceiling system is a convenient, economical, and aesthetic alternative to wooden soffits and interior ceilings.

The system was designed with both functionality and aesthetics in mind. Thanks to the click lock and the increased rigidity of the panels, installation is quick and easy. The product is waterproof and keeps pests out. It is easy to keep clean and resistant to biological corrosion. The semi-matte surface and the structure of the panels perfectly imitate wood patterns, and the specially selected colour scheme allows you to match them to various home interiors and surroundings. The product has a 10-year warranty

Infratop VOX allows you to install lighting.

It is the perfect finish for roofs, balconies, and terraces. Infratop will also work well on ceilings in kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms.


Panel dimensions and packaging:
  • length: 2.70 m
  • total width: 340 mm
  • usable width: 300 mm
  • quantity per package: 10 pieces
  • m2 per package: 8.1 m2

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Product characteristics

CLICK System
Wood-based structure
No painting and maintenance required
Quick installation
Excellent ventilation
Water resistant
Pests resistant
Guarantee of quality for years


It is a web application which presents the selected façade cladding on a building. It will also help you to calculate the amount of product necessary for your investment. run the application


Read the manual before assembling the product. Before you start the work, inspect the purchased goods carefully for manufacturing defects. Please note that the product installed at variance with the instructions shall void the warranty.

Assembly manual

VOX Infratop. Installation film:


SV-09/SVP-09 Panel with hidden vantilation
SV-08/SVP-08 Non-perforated panel
SV-07/SVP-07 Perforated panel


SV-15 /SVP-15 J-trim
SV-18 / SVP-18 Connector

product videos

Infratop in real spaces

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