Skirting board Espumo ESP203

  • length (cm):
  • thickness (cm):
  • height (cm):

Skirting board Espumo ESP203

  • length (cm):
  • thickness (cm):
  • height (cm):

product features

The Espumo skirting boards manufactured in Kerracore technology are distinguished by their lightness and durability.

The skirting boards are from 6.5 cm to 10 cm high. All the shapes are 250 cm long. The collection is characterized by resistance to impact and moisture.

The Espumo skirting boards are ideal for children's rooms, but also in the hallway or bathroom, where they are exposed to water. The Espumo are suitable for finishing ceramic, vinyl and laminated floors. They can be painted.

The installation of skirting board does not require specialized tools – the skirting boards are glued directly to the wall using a mounting glue.



  • lenght - 2500 mm
  • height - 80 mm
  • depth - 16 mm

Technical information:

Produced by

Product characteristics

Moisture resistant
Impact resistance
Suitable for painting
Assembly with glue
Finishing accessories



Self-adhesive cover cap available for all shapes and colours of Espumo skirting borad

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