Skirting board Espumo ESP401

  • length (cm):
  • thickness (cm):
  • height (cm):

Skirting board Espumo ESP401

  • length (cm):
  • thickness (cm):
  • height (cm):
  • colour

product features

Espumo skirting boards are manufactured in the Kerracore technology developed by technologists and designers from the VOX Research and Development Center.

For the production of Espumo skirting boards, we use a special polymer material enriched with mineral additives. Their subtle appearance goes hand in hand with exceptional impact and moisture resistance, thanks to which they can be used even in the most demanding interiors.

The skirting boards are glued directly to the wall using mounting glue.



  • lenght - 2400 mm
  • height - 100 mm
  • depth - 16 mm

Technical information:

Produced by

Product characteristics

Moisture resistant
Impact resistance
Assembly with glue
Finishing accessories
Wyprodukowano w Polsce


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