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It is our most popular skirting board, which is not that surprising at all – just take a closer look at the IZZI board.

It will hold a lot more electrical wires than other skirting boards, with ease of access at any time.

IZZI board does not need to be disassembled when painting or papering the walls – you just need to pull aside the top panel.

It perfectly hides the wall roughness and protects it from dust.

And in addition to its practical features,there are also the aesthetic qualities of IZZI, you can choose from a wide range of colours,which includes the silvery Nature Effect option!

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Wymiary: EN
grubość - 21 mm
wysokość - 55 mm
długość - 2500 mm

Produced by

Product characteristics

A wide range of colours
System of accessories
Easy to be kept clean
Scratch resistant
Water resistant
Competitive price
High impact strength
Does not contain Pb nor Sn
100% recyclable

Technical data

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Read the manual before assembling the product. Before you start the work, inspect the purchased goods carefully for manufacturing defects. Please note that the product installed at variance with the instructions shall void the warranty.

Assembly manual




Cover cap
Outside corner
Inside corner
Hammer plug

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