Soffit Infratop, Unicolor, White, Panel with hidden ventilation

Soffit Infratop, Unicolor, White, Panel with hidden ventilation

product features


VOX soffit made of PVC is a convenient and economical alternative to standard soffit solutions using wood and metal. VOX soffit system is a practical and trouble-free finishing of the roof. It was designed to provide both functionality and attractive look. With the "click" system and increased rigidity of panels, the installation process is easy, quick and reliable.
The product is durable and resistant to changing climatic conditions. Easy to keep clean Resistant to biological corrosion. Semi-gloss surface of panels and their structure perfectly imitate the natural grain of wood, and ideally selected colours match the most popular items of joinery. We designed the perforation to ensure adequate ventilation and protection of the roof. In addition, shape of perforation openings prevent access of insects such as wasps, hornets and bees. VOX offers two soffit systems.

The first is the soffit with visible ventilation on SV-07/SVP-07 panel, mounted together with panels without perforation, i.e. SV-08/SVP-08. The second type is soffit with concealed ventilation SV-09 / SVP-09, which requires the installation of only one type of panel. Both perforation systems guarantee the best quality and many years of use.
VOX soffit allows house owners to install a lighting system, cover its wiring and extend the service life of roof structural elements. It is ideal finishing for roofs and carports. It may be also installed on terraces and arbours.




  • length: 2,7 m
  • overall width: 340 mm
  • usable width: 300 mm
  • quantity in a package: 10 pieces
  • number of min a package: 8.1 m2

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Product characteristics

Guarantee of quality for years
Thermal conduction
Acoustic insulation
Assembly with glue
Safe in contact with food
Scratch resistant
Lightweight for easy transport and installation
Water resistant
100% recyclable
High impact strength


It is a web application which presents the selected façade cladding on a building. It will also help you to calculate the amount of product necessary for your investment. run the application


Read the manual before assembling the product. Before you start the work, inspect the purchased goods carefully for manufacturing defects. Please note that the product installed at variance with the instructions shall void the warranty.

Assembly manual

VOX Infratop. Installation film:


SV-09/SVP-09 Panel with hidden vantilation
SV-08/SVP-08 Non-perforated panel
SV-07/SVP-07 Perforated panel


SV-15 /SVP-15 J-trim
SV-18 / SVP-18 Connector

Infratop in real spaces

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